About Us

Bundu Adventures started operating in July 1996 in Livingstone as a white water rafting operator. Our knowledge and experience of the travel industry over the past years have resulted in contacts in many areas of the tourism industry and we are proud today to be recognised as one of the main tourism companies in Zambia.

Be assured that we don’t compromise on safety issues on the river. Our trip leaders are the most experienced guides around: some with 20 years rafting on the mighty Zambezi.

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Our River Guides

Kevias Zulu

Our 'Captain K', on the river since 1998. He started his career as a trainee guide and safety kayaker. Kevias is our most experienced rafting trip leader, safety kayaker. IRF - approved trip leader / rafting guide (International Rafting Federation). Well known for his broad knowledge about the river. His specialities are the most technical rapids #4, 5 and 7 as well as #18 (Oblivion) which is especially big between October and December - the last big one on the full day low water trip though very safe in case of a flip. 

Miyoba Nzala

Also known as 'Ayoba', on the river since 2014 when he trained his kayak skills and started as a videographer. Soon we found out about his allround skills and he in now our junior rafting trip leader and rafting guide (both IRF approved), safety kayaker and video/photographer. His favourite rapids are #5 ('Stairway to Heaven' or 'Highway to Hell' - he enjoys to see the smiles on the faces of his crew after 'surviving'  this grade 5 rapid), he also llikes #8, 13 and  #18 ('Oblivion') between October and December when it becomes one of Zambezi´s craziest rapids! 

Benson Mapungela

Known as 'Big Ben', on the river since 2016, he started as a porter and trainee rafting guide. He has become our junior rafting guide (IRF approved) and also assistant in our office. He especially enjoys to be part of the multi day trips and appreciates the beauty of the Batoka gorge and the nights underneath the starlit sky. #18 is one of his favourite rapids during the low water season as it is always great fun for the clients, who all end up in the calm pool known as 'public swimming pool' after a flip. 

Kelvin Muyatwa

Known as 'Black Lizard', on the river since 2000, he started his career as raft porter and head porter. His specialities are rapids 4, 5, 7, 8, 10, 13 and 18, he  is one of our best technical rafting guides, clients who dont want to end up swimming in the water are in his best hands, IRF approved rafting guide. 

Dominic Mwahamubi

On the mighty Zambezi River since 1997 when he started working as a rafting guide. He then discovered his love for flora and fauna of the Zambezi valley and since then works as a professional canoe guide on the upper section of the Zambezi River above the Victoria Falls, also guiding our overnight canoe trips and cooking great meals for our guests on the open camp fire. During the low water season he is also guiding our 'Swimming under the Falls' tours sharing his vast knowledge about the geology and history of this site with our clients.  

Innocent Siamalumani

On the river since 2014, started as a rafting trainee and discovered his kayak skills, since then working as safety kayaker on the river as well as videographer/photographer. He loves the grade 5 rapids, especially the very technical rapid #7 and 18 when he has to be very mindful to assist the clients in case of a flip or swim. 

Peter Sianene

Kayaking on the river since 2014 working as photographer and safety kayaker. Rapid # 18 is one of his favourite grade 5 rapids as it is very big for a certain period and the rafts keep surfing on this rapid still safe to swim for the clients. 

Yona Mabunda

Started kayaking 2016, since 2018 working as a videographer. His favourite part of the river is rapid # 4 and  #10, where he enjoys the beautiful campsite, swimming and fishing on the overnight rafting trips.